Sunday, October 11, 2015

284 | 365 : Rook Run Results

Today was the Rook Run, which was a short charity run. I had blast! I'm waiting for my official race time, but its somewhere around 23 minutes.

283 | 365 : Rook Run

Tomorrow is the Rook Run and I am pretty excited. I have races every weekend pretty much until Thanksgiving, but I think this will be the most fun.

282 | 365 : Opening Night

It's opening night for Seussical the Musical! There are 5 total performances, and they are all going to be amazing

281 | 365 : Picture Day

It's Grayson's very first picture day at school and he's practicing his smile. I can't wait to get these pictures back.

280 | 365 : Growing

Sydney's feet have grown already. It was time for new ballet slippers.

279 | 365 : Relaxation

After a long day at school I don't mind if the kids veg out in front of the tv for a little while.

278 | 365 : Pumpkin

I love fall and everything that goes with it.